Midlands Rat Club Show, 29th September 01 (UK only)

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Midlands Rat Club Show, 29th September 01 (UK only)

Post by Jackie Skidmor » Fri, 28 Sep 2001 09:27:20

[Apologies for cross posting]

Sorry for the 11th-hour posting.

The Midlands Rat Club is holding it's next rat & small *** [1] show
                * Saturday 29th September 2001 *

The venue is:
                * Saltley Leisure Centre *
                  120 Broadway Avenue
                  West Midlands
                  B9 5YD

For detailed directions please see

Judging commences at noon.
Peter Mitchell is judging Rat Variety Classes
Suzanne Mitchell is judging Pet Rat Classes and Small *** [1] Classes

Entries close at 21:00 Friday 28th September 2001.

Limited hire tanks are available.

Raffle prize donations gratefully accepted.

[1] any small pet - cavies, hamsters, gerbils, jirds, rabbits, etc.  No
ferrets, reptiles, felines or canines - sorry.

See you on Saturday ;-D

Membership Secretary, Midlands Rat Club.