how you got your mouse/mice

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how you got your mouse/mice

Post by OBSIDIAN-DR.. » Wed, 10 Mar 1999 04:00:00

i would like to see some stories of how people got there mice ad what
made them get into getting a mouse i said before i got my mouse
lydia cuz i didnt want a snake to eat her it was a spure of the moment
thing i didnt really like them til that day now i love them :)

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how you got your mouse/mice

Post by Anne Marfis » Thu, 11 Mar 1999 04:00:00

  i would like to see some stories of how people got there mice ad what
  made them get into getting a mouse i said before i got my mouse
  lydia cuz i didnt want a snake to eat her it was a spure of the moment
  thing i didnt really like them til that day now i love them :)

  Lets see...I got Mouse after several months of convincing my parents and reading books on rodents. She was all alone, and after reading thatmice are better in pairs, I went and got Meece from the pet store. They lived happily for about 6 months, and I decided to get a male to mate with Meece. Alas, Z joined our little mousery place.  Meece's babies died and got eaten by her, but on my next trip to Petco? for Carefresh?, I added Psycho and Squishy to our 'click'. They were bieng abused by an employee, so I had an excuse to get more mice, and I took it.  They died, unfortunetly, and now I am currently left with Mouse, Meece, Z, and I am hopefully going to get a few does this weekend.
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how you got your mouse/mice

Post by Grey Lo » Thu, 11 Mar 1999 04:00:00

I got my mice when looking for a replacement for our late gerbil.
I took my daughter to the pet store, said, look, here's a
hamster, a gerbil, some rats. She walked all over the store and
finally said, "I want those!" She said staring into the mouse
tank. When I asked her how many she wanted , she replied "All of
them!" ( Which was maybe 20 mice in the tank). I convinced her
two would be plenty to start with and that started our rodent



>i would like to see some stories of how people got there mice ad what
>made them get into getting a mouse i said before i got my mouse
>lydia cuz i didnt want a snake to eat her it was a spure of the moment
>thing i didnt really like them til that day now i love them :)

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how you got your mouse/mice

Post by Rache » Thu, 11 Mar 1999 04:00:00

I was in a pet shop when the owner called me over to see a mouse they
just had in.  It was in a tiny cage and I just wanted to take it home
with me.  After convincing my parents I was allowed to buy 'Chocolate'.
After she died I bought two more (Champagne & Stripe).  Champagne died
of cancer and Stripe was lonely so I bought my current mice 'Sherbert &
Skittles'.  Stripe recently died, also of cancer or something similar.
Rachel, Sherbert & Skittles.  (\   /)  
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how you got your mouse/mice

Post by Ivys Li » Thu, 11 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Some ten years ago I went to the petstore to get crickets for some frog we had,
and I saw a tankful of about 30 sweet little albinos. I knew for sure I'd never
be able to convince my dad to get me a pair, so I patiently waited for nearly a
year'til I got my first grade report card. Upon yet another trip to the
petstore, while we were in the back staring thru the glass windows in at the
mice, rats, and all sorts of other creatures, I brought up the fact that I had
gotten perfect grades one my card, and how awfully cute the mice were. I ended
up with 4 baby (i'd say 4?-5 week old) males. There were two albino, a black,
and one creme-spotted. Rocky, Socrates, Ben and Willard. I also got a wire
hamster cage. Willard got out of the cage almost the instant we got home, and
was attacked by my dog. We put them in an old fish tank, and soon got them a
larger fish tank and a SAM cage (or something similar).
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how you got your mouse/mice

Post by SurgeDi » Sat, 13 Mar 1999 04:00:00

My boyfriend had his 20th birthday party at an arcade. My friend Kelly couldn't
attend because she was working at the Petco down the street that day. So a
couple people went to visit her, and came back with a stolen mouse as a***
gift for him.
He didn't want her, so I took her. For the rest of the day, I carried her
around in a shoebox. We went to Denny's so he could get his free birthday meal
(warning: they don't do that anymore!) and the waitress was happy to give me
one of those little cups they put sauce in when you're getting your order to
go. I filled it with water and held the box level very carefully all night.
When I took her home, I found my old hamster setup (it had been in a closet
since Iggy died about 7 years earlier) and gave her a new gome.
About a week later, she had nine babies! I bought a ten-gallon tank and kept
the four girls, gave away two boys, and brought the last three back to Petco.
So now I don't even have to feel bad that she was stolen property -- they ended
up getting two more!

So no


how you got your mouse/mice

Post by CG » Sun, 14 Mar 1999 04:00:00

I originally got two mice from Petco because they looked so cute and my
boyfriend had been reading up on them over the internet.  THe first two mice
had problems one of them died and the other got sick.  The last mouse from
Petco is still with us and her name is Opie she is the one that bites.  We
kept her alone for a while and I could not bear it any longer so I went to a
pet store at a mall and bought a companion for her.  The bad news was that
the mice were mixed and the mouse was pregnant.  She is very cute and her
name is Ally.  The mice at first were fighting but now they are doing just
fine.  I gave away the babies to the pet store.  The mice live in a big 66
quart container and have all kinds of tubes.  THey are just beginning to be
socialized but they still bite and it does hurt.  I have tried the peanut
butter but it did not work.  Eventually they will get used to us it just
takes time.  that is all for now :-)

how you got your mouse/mice

Post by Roszel » Mon, 15 Mar 1999 04:00:00

We got mice about 4 years ago. A new Petco opened up and we went to look
around.  There in the tank were the cutiest fancy mice of all different colors.
Well, I liked them, and my husband liked them and he used my then 14 year old
daught as a go between to "beg" for mice.  I liked them, but had reservations
as we had two cats in our home.  We bought a book and went to the library and
took out a book there.  After reading through we decided to go ahead and buy
three little girls.

Our first mice were Aphrodite, a little dark brown girl, Xena, a shaggy grey
with a white splash on her head, and Gabriel, a tiny little orange with pink

We then had at one time 8 mice, and then four others.  Unfortunately we no
longer have mice, we do have 5 rats!



how you got your mouse/mice

Post by Sandr » Tue, 16 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Several years ago we had an unusually WET winter.  The field mice
decided our place was nicer than the soggy almond orchard, so moved
in... enmass.  I was at at my computer one evening when I heard a
rustling noise come from behind some books... and there was a wild mouse
looking back at me.  Well, Caleb (our youngest) got all e***d, "If you
catch it, can we keep it?"  I started setting live traps baited with
peanut butter.

Well, I finally caught one, though not the critter in the bedroom.
Caleb named him "Ralph" after the main character in the children's book,
"Ralph Mouse."  I quickly amended that name to, Stinky Ralph.  (Have any
of you ever smelled a wild male mouse?!)  Within 24 hours I had spent
over $75 for a cage and everything I thought was necessary to keep
Stinky Ralph happy.

Not much later, we caught a little female mouse.  We named her Heidie.
Well, on one particularly long car trip, Caleb decided the Havatrail
cage was too warm for his mice, so he opened the top to give them a
breeze.  We discovered that Stinky Ralph escaped and was loose in the
van.  Once we got home, we searched, he escaped to the yard, we chased,
Caleb cried, Stinky Ralph was free. <g>  We promised Caleb we would get
him a replacement mouse at the pet store.  Enter, Olaf, Helga, and, oh
gee, I can't remember that third name.

Olaf fell in love with Heidie and protected her from Helga.  Helga was a
very aggressive female that beat up on all mice, male and female.  We
had to separate her from all others.  Olaf was always near Heidie,
grooming her.  He refused to leave her side.  When she became ill and
died, he lasted three days before he passed away.  

Helga lived a good life.  She loved running in a hamster ball.  The poor
cat was terrified of her.  Mikan was an old manx with bad hips.  Helga
would run into her with that ball and knock her over!  She would roll
that ball into the kitchen and bang into my ankles.  She had access to
the entire house.  She would back up the ball and make a running start
at any barriers in her way.  What a mouse!  I sure do miss her. <g>
Sandra in Modesto, California...        
where the pet mousies run in            
their squeeky exercise wheels.