Habitrail cages?

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Habitrail cages?

Post by Chris Sulliv » Thu, 27 Oct 1994 04:35:40

: Has anyone just gone nuts with those "Habitrail"-style cages?
: I've always had an idea of buying a few cases of those extender
: tubes wholesale and just running them all over the place. You
: know, from room to room, maybe between floors, too. How about
: a 7-foot climb straight up to get to the penthouse from the
: cage? Might need a few offsets along the way in case your
: hamster slips, I guess...

: Just curious. Anybody have practical experience with radical
: cage set-ups? :-)

One year, I went ape and blew a wad on a bunch of Habitrail stuff.  Probably
had everything they made, at least two times over.

Found out that there is a size that's "too big" for a hamster when one day
watching my hamster scurry around from place to place that he was actually
"lost" and couldn't find his way back to the main cage.  

I had a ten-foot high "SkyCabin" on my setup.  If you're going to do a
"killer" altitude, you will have three problems.

1. Habitrail tubes are not that strong.  I solved this problem by running
them against a wall and securing them to the wall using large straps, like
the ones you would use for pipe.
2. Hamster Safety.  I had nightmares of my hamster slipping and plummeting
8 feet to his death. Solved these issues by ever so-many feet using two
"tee" connectors to provide a "landing".
3. Frightened Fur.  Believe it or not, my hamster ended up not liking it at
first.  Eventually, he did get used to it, and as a matter of fact, actually
liked to sleep there because it was warm and quiet up there.  But it took
him a few weeks before he would go up there at all.

Plus, keep in mind it's going to have to be accessable to be cleaned.  Mine
was no problem because it was not far from a staircase.


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