Help!! Never had a Hamster

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Help!! Never had a Hamster

Post by Maria Fili » Tue, 17 Dec 1996 04:00:00


> I recently got my hamster lily, and I would like all the help I can get. I
> want to make sure that I take care of her properly and that she remains
> healthy. The one major problem that I have with her, is that she wont let
> me touch or pick her up. :(
> I would appreciate any help
> Thank You
> O. Taylor
> Las Vegas

Do not use pine and/or cedar for bedding.  They have been known to kill
hamsters.  DO use all natural paper litter (I use Carefresh- costs as
much as a trip to McDonalds, so be a stud and spring for it.)  Do make
sure it has fresh water at all times, and make sure that the bottle is
not too tight that they can't purchase a good quality
wheel... and if you want to win your hamster's love, buy one of those
hollow rocks (made for reptiles, really) that they can crawl into.  All
creatures need privacy sometimes, and this provides an excellent sound
barrier if you are a little noisy, a good dark place to sleep or hide,
and a place to store its food and to call home.  As for picking it up, I
don't recommend trying until the hamster has gotten used to its new
home.  Give it plenty of space, and watch as it customizes its home by
finding a place to poop, a place to hide grain, a place to sleep, etc...
they are cool that way.  Then, when you think it has settled in, DO NOT
chase it around the cage,  Instead...put some grain in your hand and lay
your hand flat on the floor of its home, with the palm facing up, so he
will know you bear gifts and will be more trusting as it
approaches/steps into your hand.  Finally, five last words of advice.  
1) Never wake a sleeping hamster
2) Always wash hands before and after handling your hamster (dirty
smelly hands can confuse it, and dirty smelly hands can make You sick)
3) Never drop a hamster.  (Hamsters tend to walk off the edge of
anything, so be careful when you handle it)
4) They need those little wood blocks (get them from a pet store, as
twigs from trees may be poisonous if you are not sure what they are) to
chew on as their teeth tend to grow very long
5) They love to shred cotton balls.  Make sure it's 100% cotton though.
Only give a little bit, as they tend to shred and store (in their
cheeks) more than they can handle and may have trouble getting it out