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Post by Jane Landi » Sun, 11 Aug 2002 19:45:42

> The friend brought Buddie to my sister the next morning and said

'Buddie wants to say hi', and said she couldn't believe such a little
thing could have such personality.  She wanted to let Buddie run in her
ball for a while before they 'had to lock her up.'

Buddie's made a convert!  I'm not surprised.  Not at all.

> I can't believe how much I missed the little creature - it was really

nice to hear of her new antics from my sister since I couldn't be there
in person to see them.  And it's wonderful now being back and having our
nightly 'play' routine again!  I missed all the pets, but Buddie's
energy and constant cuteness is something special!

Spoken like a true ham-lover, Michelle.  I'm glad you had a good time.

"But even gladder that you're back"


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Post by Venezi » Mon, 12 Aug 2002 23:32:59

> Jane
> "But even gladder that you're back"

Thanks Jane!  I really missed you and the group!  We went to the library
while we were gone a couple of times so my hsuband could check his work
email.  He thought I was nuts when I said I wanted to check the hamster news
group to see what was new!  So, I did get to eavesdrop on y'all a little so
I didn't feel so deprived!



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Post by Aliso » Tue, 13 Aug 2002 06:00:52

> My sister said she'd take care of
> her any time, so I don't have to worry about a hamsitter any more!

Hi Michelle,
Nice to see you back!  It's great when people unexpectedly discover they
like the hamsters.  My boyfriend's mum was not convinced, but as soon as
Nanook sat perfectly still on my hand for her to stroke she was won over
(he did look very cute).  I'm glad Buddie found a friend.

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Post by star » Wed, 14 Aug 2002 08:43:06

>  Jeanne:
> > and Hammy "welcome back Buddie - sending you a treat!"


> Thanks!  Make that a "lite" treat.  I think she overindulged on her
> vacation!  Can a hamster gain weight over a week?  She sure does seem more
> round...

My mommy-thing says that I can only send you diet treats now.  Maybe if you
run on your wheel lots I can send you the full-fat kind?  : )

Your friend,