alt pet hamsters Monthy Hamster FAQ Update -

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alt pet hamsters Monthy Hamster FAQ Update -

Post by Wendy U » Sat, 02 Nov 2002 23:27:18

The link to the hamster newsgroup FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
is & any other relevant information
will be posted around the first day of each month - this posting being the first
& kept brief as possible, this time round!  The new updated edition of the hamster
FAQ was set in motion by Robert Kaiser & materialized this year, 2002 & is hosted
& maintained by me, Wendy Wilde (Wendy UK) at

We've had valuable contributions from fellow hamster newsgroup members, submitting
helpful advice & information.  The hamster FAQ for this newsgroup offers practical
information, which could be very useful.  I would welcome any comments on the
contents of the hamster FAQ & all contributions would be appreciated. If
a mini version of the monthly hamster FAQ posting will be released in the same

I've been deliberating over the idea of setting up a hamster mailing list but not
how to go about it, so if anybody has any input on this idea, please let me know!

hamsters can share their experiences & contribute information concerning these
delightful cuties!  Advice & guidance to those who need it, is usually given by
members via the hamster newsgroup very quickly, but if your hamster is ill or
advice & support is all that you can expect from a newsgroup -- you must seek
from a vet!

In October 2002, I asked fellow APH members for information relating to
rescue, so that the information could be displayed at the hamster FAQ links page.
Many of
you who offered help & provided me with website addresses of worthwhile causes, I
you for taking the time out to do this!  You can go straight to the FAQ links page
by clicking
this link & view many links to animal
shelters that may
just have a hamster looking for a good home!  If you know of a rescue, which would
fit right in
at the hamster FAQ links page, please email me with details and I will include it.

If I've left out something you expected to see or would like to see, please
contact me & I will
include it in the next hamster FAQ update.  All ideas are very welcome!

I have noticed in the past couple of days that the hamster FAQ has been visited
quite a lot, I
hope that the FAQ has been helpful to you & you continue to support it!  Please
distribute the
hamster FAQ link address, where relevant.  This newsgroups FAQ is for 'everybody'
who is
interested in hamsters & the more people who help & support the hamster FAQ, will
be helping
more hamsters benefit from advice & information supplied here!

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All the best and happy hamstering!