Welcome Darcy!

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Welcome Darcy!

Post by DariaSimi » Thu, 29 Jul 2010 01:38:58

In order to help cheer us up after the demise of Blossom, on Friday we
got a new hamster and we named him Darcy.

My partner chose him.  We did want a girl as we have two boys already
but they only had males.  As soon as the cage was opened Darcy was the
first up and he shoved all the other hamsters out of the way, meaning
that my partner wasn't even given a chance to look at the others!
When he chose him he said that the hamster made one quick glance at
the others as though to say "Bye, I'm off boys".  I could him
scratching in his box as my partner walked through the door with him.
When I placed his travel box in his cage and opened it up, far from
the usual nervous little creature I'm used to he got out and looked
around his cage and looked up at us though to say "yes, this will do",
and then went to sleep for 10 minutes.

I know that you're supposed to leave them to settle in for at least 48
hours but Darcy appears to be a confident little fellow who doesn't
even seem to care when we open the cage.Therefore the night afterwards
I tried to see if he wanted to come out, and he did.  I didn't even
have to tempt him with a tidbit. When ha was out wasn't at all
nervous, in fact already he is biting into the sofa, trying to climb
on to the arms and trying to slide down the seats.  Hamsters usually
take a month before they become this confident. They are normally
jumpy and you can feel their heart pounding so you have to put them
back, but not Darcy.  Once we turn off the light and we go to bed our
hamsters usually do the same but the last few nights we could still
hear Darcy running on his wheel.

Like I say, he's going to be a bit of a handful!  You can view our new
addition at this address:



Welcome Darcy!

Post by DariaSimi » Thu, 29 Jul 2010 01:45:04

Again that link does not work.  This is it: