Aggressive Mac App Store pricing

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Aggressive Mac App Store pricing

Post by Big Crotch on a Small Fis » Sat, 08 Jan 2011 04:34:35


>>> Aperture 3: $80
>>> Individual iWork apps: $20
>>> Individual iLife apps: $15

>>> The 'Buy Now' links on Apple's web pages for these apps now take you
>>> directly to the App Store.

>>> And while Apple is leading the way with new pricing, they're not
>>> alone:

>>> Autodesk Sketchbook Pro: $30 (MSRP was $80)

>>> This is clearly the new model: make apps dead simple to find, pay
>>> for, and install. Slash prices. Users pay less for apps. Developers
>>> make more money overall as a consequence of higher volume.

>>> Some Mac traditional Mac developers seems to be holding back and
>>> maintaining their existing prices for the App Store versions of
>>> their apps, e.g. BBEdit is still $99. It will be interesting to see
>>> how that evolves. It might be the case that more specialty apps are
>>> better off sticking with more traditional price points.

>> I like what appears to be a step in the right direction.

>> I would have loved to have had this a bit ago. I bought iWork for
>> Pages and Numbers and don't need/want Keynote. This could have saved
>> me money.

> IMO  Keynote is the best app in that site, especially if you really
> delve into it.

The whole site is better than the Microsoft and Linux sites.

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