Impacted ( food stuck in ) Cheek Pouch

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Impacted ( food stuck in ) Cheek Pouch

Post by Marc Rosem » Wed, 07 Aug 1996 04:00:00

As a word of warning, if any of you has a hamster that always seems to have
food in its pouch you may want to be sure its not stuck !

I noticed that one of my female hamsters had one of its pouches full for
the last 6 days, but not the other, and since she had babies that were
starting to eat seeds, I thought it odd she hadn't disgorged it for them.

Last night, I took her out of the cage, and forced her one full cheek to
empty out.  The stench was so bad I gagged.  She was very happy though,
let me pet her, and then went back to her cage, running in her wheel.

Her cheek is still sagging a little, and she hasn't put any food in either
cheek pouch yet, but she is eating and running, and caring for her babies.