Two unthinkable things

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Two unthinkable things

Post by Big Crotch on a Small Fis » Tue, 11 Jan 2011 01:34:47


> 1/7/11 11:49 AM:

>>>> (...)
>>>> I don't appreciate the article equating the PC with
>>>> Intel and Microsoft.  :-(

>>> The term PC has multiple meanings - a common one is a WinTel
>>> machine.

>> To me PC has always been Personal Computer.

> That is also another definition.

>> PC meaning Windows/Intel makes no sense.

> The fact people pronounce the "t" in "often" is bothersome to me...
> but I realize I am in the minority and the pronunciation has changed
> with time. Not the world's fault - I just need to deal with the
> change.

>> PCs predate Windows and AMD CPUs have been used in PCs for a long
>> time as well.

> Well, WinTel generally means Windows on x86.  Yeah, so that includes
> AMD.

>> This kind of /meaning/ is similar to virus meaning malware, or hacker
>> meaning a security cracker. Misleading and erroneous.

> English is not as precise as math.

You are not as precise as silly putty.

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