worried... lost control

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worried... lost control

Post by Vinh Lu » Sun, 03 Aug 1997 04:00:00

i'm worried...  it's 12:50AM...

my hamster has been on his/her wheel for probably half an hour...
i walked near the cage slowly to see if he/she needs food...
all of a sudden, my hamster went crazy... ran all around the cage
and even climbed the side walls to the ceiling of the cage... my hamster
was going so fast he/she was running upside down on the top of the cage...
he/she lost his/her grip and was dangling by one arm and fell... he/she
got back up and started running again!

this is the fastest i've ever seen my hamster go and this doesn't seem
considering my hamster eats and sleeps most of the time... have i don't
wrong?  do hamster get this hyper and out of control at night?




worried... lost control

Post by Hamst270 » Mon, 04 Aug 1997 04:00:00

   Scientists have bred for this hyperactivity in small animals to see if
this quality was genetic.  To make a long drawn out story short, the
answer was yes.  It is genetic.
   If mom and/or dad was hyperactive, it is quite possible your little
hammie inhereted this quality.  In humans medicine is sometimes used to
slow the amount of energy down to acceptable levels to function better in
society.  If you are worried about your hammie injuring himself, you may
want to talk to your vet about medication.   But remember that this
medication is a life long medicine and can be very expensive.  Since
Syrians aren't known for being socializers, there shouldn't be any logical
reason to do this.  Let him have his fun and take pride in your hamster
being more energetic than some other lazier ones. :-)



worried... lost control

Post by Higherc » Wed, 06 Aug 1997 04:00:00

I had exactly same experience about a month ago.   When I approached to
the wheel with my hamster in it, she jumped out of her skin.  It appeared
that she's got very freightened.

My hamster is tamed, and is not scared of me.  I pored over what might
have gone wrong.  One of the reasons, probably, is that she was so
completely absorbed in running the wheel so that I caught her off guard
when I approached her. And she got panicked because she didn't know who
approached her at that moment.  
Hamsters are quite alert about their surroundings all the time.

Since then,  when I approach my hammies, I make some sounds to let them
know that I am coming over to them.     regard, highercat