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my hammy's

Post by Jenny Wheatl » Mon, 12 Dec 1994 08:00:41

I have four hamsters in total,one of which i am looking after for a friend. I
am animal mad, hamsters are soooo sweet. my hamsters are called; Emily, Jarvis
and Pawly(it had a swolen paw when it was born!) my friend's is called Miffy.
I have bread them twice now, pawly and miffy are two sprogs fom one of the litters
ers. My hammy, emily had eight the first time and seven the next. Has any one else done any breading, any comments???
lse done any breading any comments?????bye!

Jenny Wheatley


my hammy's

Post by Ann » Thu, 15 Dec 1994 01:07:44


>  {snip} Has any one else done any breeding, any comments???

The general rules for breeding Syrian hamsters are:-
* Always breed from healthy, tame animals which are of good size.
* The female should be at least 4 months old and not more than a year old.
* The male should be at least 4 months old and not more than 18 months old.
* Do not breed two hamsters with the Roan gene together - there is a deformity
called 'Eyeless white' where the babies are born with no eyes. Be particularly
suspicious of white animals when you don't know the parentage.
* Try to avoid in-breeding unless you are an expert.
* Always keep your hamsters in one per cage, except for baby hamsters less than
5 weeks old, which may be kept with the mother.
* The female comes into season every four days. If she is not in season she will
attack the male. The best way to test is to stroke her back. If she stands still
with her rear-end elevated, she is probably ready.
* Mate your hamsters in a neutral cage or tank and always supervise them to
avoid fights. Seperate the female after mating or she may kill the male.
* Never mate hamsters in the female's cage as she may try and kill him even
though she is on heat
* Leave the female undisturbed whilst you think she is pregnant - do not clean
out the cage except to remove soiled bedding and give her plenty of bedding.
* If no young have appeared after 17 days, you can try mating the female again.
* Put the breeding female in a cage with close bars or in a fish tank, as the
babies could fall through the bars. Do this before she is pregnant.
* Do not disturb the female until the young are 2 weeks old, or she may kill
* Make sure nursing and pregnant females get plenty of protein (meat, chease,
hard-boiled egg etc. I use dried cat food for all my hamsters, anyway).
* Try giving the nursing and pregnant female canary seed mix.
* Seperate the babies from the mother at 4 weeks and separate the sexes at
5 weeks to prevent in-breeding. All hamsters should be in individual cages by
the age of 8 weeks or they will fight and kill each other.
* Give the female a break of at least 4 months between litters, and no female
should have more than 3 litters.
* If any deformities appear in the litters, do not breed that pair again (I
think Pawly's foot was probably a birth injury, rather than a deformity).

I hope this advice helps. I like to encourage people to be responsible with
breeding. Btw, (and this is not for Jenny, who sounds very responsible) if you
are thinking of making money by breeding - forget it!
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