S.A.M vs Habitrail

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S.A.M vs Habitrail

Post by Jim Wishn » Wed, 01 Jan 1997 04:00:00

Sam cages are cheaper than habitrail, but not as good in some ways.  
Yesterday, I bought a habitrail cage, the circus one to be exact,  
because I already have a sam.  Of course, your ten dollar, ten gallon
fish tank is also an option.}

Bad things about Sam cages. {S.A.M cages }
The small size of sam cages and the rounded front are a disantvantige,
but the watering bottle that comes in from one of the side doors is even
worse.  Mine came apart before I could use it.  And once I bought another
one, { after finnaly finding one that dident come with a cage,} my hammie
was totally stumped on how to work the water bottle.  The wheel was
another bad thing, because the only wheels for habitrail are the ones
that you connect the the side of the cage.  My hamster slept in it so I
couldent hold him! 4 hammies have excaped in those cages also- one was
because the cheap doors of the cage can slide up, too easily.  Even
coverd with masking tape!  The second time I was to lazy to put masking
tape on, instead I put a 5 pound tool box next to the door.  My hammie
got through both of them.   The third time was when I put a tube
connected to the door and left it over night.  My hammie pushed the tube
away from the door and excaped.  The third time,  Was the same as the
first, But i had only left for about two muinets!  All theese times I
have never been able to retreve my hammie.  The floor of the habitrail is
such a hastle to take off, because that is the only way to clean there
cages.  Otherwise, there is nothing that is very good about sam cages.  

The good things about habitrail
Habitrails are bigger than sam cages, and there side doors are snap-ones.
 There a little harder to open, but they work great.  Since I am to cheap
to buy one of those big wheels that go inside the cage,  I just put his
regular wheel inside the cage.   There are two little snappy things on
the rim of the cage, You know, like the base of bird cages? So all the
bedding dosent come out of the cage?  Well the button thingys are on that,
 and you just push the down, and lift up the plastic part, and then you
can clean the cage from there!  Its not like a bird cage, where there is
a sliding thing.  The water bottle comes out from the top, and has hand-
holds so you can just grab the water bottle, slide the top off, put water
in, slide the top back in, and toss it in the holder thing thats molded
into the celing of its cage!  My hamster quickly adappted to it and even
tho it does not have a ball inside it, it dosent leak, and it dosent make
any sound.  I have been able to put more toys in his habitrail because of
the space in it.  But there is a down side to habitrails, the tubes that
come with the cage are in half, and there is a very thin, wire circle
that you put around the two, half tubes to keep together.

  Why it is good to have a little of both
The reason to have a little of both is because of above.  The tubes of
the habitrail are poorly made, but if you get the tubes that are single,
and you buy sepratly, you connect them with a plastic ring, and it is
easy to connect and disconnect, and dosent fall apart when your hamster
goes in it.
Peace, ten year old person.