Squeaky.com 2.22.98

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Squeaky.com 2.22.98

Post by Bob H » Mon, 23 Feb 1998 04:00:00

S Q U E A K Y . C O M

The official home page of the most
opinionated guinea pig you'll ever meet.

- alt.pets.guinea-pigs Newsletter
- Sunday, February 22, 1998


"Give me Liberty or give me Lettuce."

W H A T ' S   N E W

--> Squeaky gives her two cents on the Clinton scandal.

--> Check out the newest Squeaky-ism.

--> If you'd like to promote Squeaky.com on your homepage, our LE banner is
now available in the Snack Bin.

--> Interested in joining a guinea pig mailing list? We've added some new
sites to our list of links that you may be interested in.

--> Who says no one's ever traveled the world in a balloon? Find out the
truth in Squeaky Tells It Like It Is

C A N   Y O U   H E L P ?

--> How can you teach a pig not to bite? we are very gentle with him but
lately he's been biting.
        Message Date: February 14, 1998

--> I just got a guinea pig and it always sits at the corner and doesn't
move. What happened?
        Message Date: February 5, 1998

N E X T   I S S U E

This is the frist issue of this newsletter that we've
done. We hope to either post it weekly or at least as
often as the site is updated in the future. Feedback
is always welcome and you can write to us by going to
the Dear Squeaky page at the site.