REPOST: Two new sneezing piggies??

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REPOST: Two new sneezing piggies??

Post by Kara » Sat, 06 May 2000 04:00:00

Hi, I just got two new pigges today!  One long hair and one short hair!
They are just the cutest!!  But, I notice that they sneeze a lot.  They seem
very healthy and I don't hear any wheezing in their breath.  We got them
from the same place and they weren't  sneezing at the store that I noticed.
Could it be that we just put them in new bedding and they aren't used to it
(I am using natural corn cob bedding).  Maybe they are sneezing from the
long hairs fur because the little short hair likes to bury herself in the
long hair one and she sneezes a little more then the long hair one?  I am
thinking of taking them to a vet to be safe but they seem healthy as
anything, any suggestions?

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