Dry ear?

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Dry ear?

Post by Jody » Wed, 27 Dec 2000 12:39:03

Hi, My name is Jody (MALE!) and I am a proud owner of a beautiful
pure-white guinea pig, albino I suppose......   Anyways, I have been
looking into this group every once and a while but never could get up
the nerve, or actually, energy to start writing in.  But now, I have
struck an alarming situation and I need quick thoughts from experienced
people, so please bare with my explanation and details.

I woke up yesterday morning and of course did my morning routine, at the
end of it I always spend at least a half hour with my guinea, first of
many hours I spend with him.  But I noticed yesterday that his ear had a
dry area and it's peeling layers upon layers of skin away, it's actually
getting a bit crusted and I am really concerned.  I am just looking for
some quick suggestions or ideas before I end up getting to the vet,
which is another 2 days because of storms in Atlantic Canada.  He is
still hyper and acting the same though, it's just his one ear too, and
It's seeming as if it is deteriorating (excuse the spelling)

Oh my, Thanks for reading and I hope to receive some reply.

VERY Concerned,
Jody Pomeroy


Dry ear?

Post by Muggles 13 » Wed, 27 Dec 2000 13:37:18

Hi Jody.
Sometimes my piggies will get dry ears.  My vet took a look at it once and said
it was probably dry skin.  You can rub some mineral oil on the dry spot to help
clear it up.  If your piggie has any other dry, flaky areas, it could be lice
or mites.  Try the oil on his ear first and see if that takes care of the
problem.  If not, get him to the vet.
Good luck!

Dry ear?

Post by ~*~ esther ~* » Wed, 27 Dec 2000 19:58:09

Hi Jody,

Deteriorating ear problems don't sound too good. It's a pity of the storms,
otherwise you could have gone to the vet today or tomorrow.

Maybe you can find some info on Peter Gurney's site:

Hope this helps.

Lots of hopeful wheeks,

Esther (the piggie slave)
& Cytha, Allanah, Nycky & Poocky

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