Seasons Greetings, Well-Wishings from Coco & Company

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Seasons Greetings, Well-Wishings from Coco & Company

Post by Leslie-Trapper-Bos » Tue, 26 Dec 2000 00:50:42

To All Piggy Friends and Their Owners,

        Polly, Brownie, Oreo and myself would like to send our happiest of
holiday greetings to you and your wonderful GP owners. It has been an
interesting year for us here in the Boss house, with me having five
babies, adopting for of them into other well cared for homes, watching
and nurturing my baby Brownie to the healthy beauty she is now, (in
fact, she's almost as big as I am!!). Then there's my best friend Polly,
who stood in for me after the birth of my babies. She nestled them to
sleep, played with them while I was resting or nursing another. She's my
best friend, my confidant and my sister in piggyhood!

        Later on in the year Mommy (my owner Leslie) surprised us with the
addition of a strange looking hairy beast that looked like a miniature
skunk, but wheeked like a piggy??? Later we found out she was a piggy
all the same and has been called Oreo since the day she landed her feet
in our cage. OK so all was not sweet, the first couple of weeks, but
eventually we accepted her hues of black and white with out retreat and
continually find her attitude upbeat! :)

        As for my owner, Leslie, well, she's just swell, she hung stockings
with our names on it which tasted good too! Nibble, nibble, that silly

        That's it from my crew. Thank you for a wonderful year of wheeks and
stories. You've helped my owner take the very best of care us and for
that we are eternally grateful.

        Happy Holidays to all and too all a good night!

                        Wheeks and Wishes,

                        Coco, Polly, Brownie and Oreo
My garden may be resting, but the gardener never sleeps!
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