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Post by Scrappy Do » Thu, 03 Dec 1998 04:00:00

Hi there,

My piggies have an even better solution: they go back into their cage when
they have to pee. And most of the times they pee in the same corner, or at
the same spot, so no wet and mushy mess all around the piggie cage. All
peeing is done at one place. They did that from the first day I had them, so
no training or anything like that. When they have playtime I put the whole
cage on the floor, remove the upper part and they can go in and out whenever
they want to.

The cages I have are made out of two plastic halves. On the top halve you
can place a grid (with bars so they can make loud noises if they feel left
alone). The larger cage is about 35" x 20" and cost me $60.00. In there I
have two Abyssinian piggies (Cytha and Allanah). The smaller one is about
29" x 16". Can't remember the price of that one, 'cause it was bought some
12 years ago. In this cage lives Nycky (who is due any time now!), a lilac

I once bumped into a site - sorry, can't remember the Internet address -
where I could see all kind of piggie cages, but they are all with iron bars
all around. The poor thing can easily catch a cold in a cage like that. And
iron bars on the floor is no fun either for a piggie: (s)he can easily
damage his/her feet. Or am I all wrong about those bars?

But to get back to your question: piggies do pee rather frequently. And most
of the times they do pee just where they are. I guess I was just very lucky
with my hygienic ladies.     :o)

Hope this was of some help.

    Nycky & her unborn toddlers



Post by Netsi » Thu, 03 Dec 1998 04:00:00

This doesn't really concern pee but I had to say something.

Our original piggie had pododermatitis, which is an inflamed swelling of a foot
and is sometimes called bumblefoot.  He visited several vets during the course
of his short life, and several said that this could have been caused by
catching a toe [and breaking it]  in the wire bottom of his cage or by simply
walking on those hard bumpy wires as piggie feet are very delicate.

We now have three piggies who live in a 4 ft. round wading pool  and all have
healthy feet.  If anyone has a piggie in the wire bottomed type of cage, you
might consider putting down some type of solid bottom to prevent this problem.

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Post by R. Donahu » Thu, 03 Dec 1998 04:00:00

Piggies seem to like to pee in "safe" places; ie the same spot in their
cage or maybe the same spot on your carpet! Try to see if there are a
couple of routine spots and place a piggy potty there--I use a cake pan
filled with CareFresh under the couch and my piggies never pee on the

Good Luck!

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