Adopting out Guinea Pigs!!!!!

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Adopting out Guinea Pigs!!!!!

Post by Mark » Mon, 05 Oct 1998 04:00:00


We have had a litter of pigs now for a little over a year, and now need to
find homes for them.  They are marvelous and friendly but we are not able to
give them the attention that they deserve!!  Their names are Gustof, Glee,
and Ginger Bear.  Gustof and Glee are the parents, and are brown hair
absynnians.  Ginger Bear is also brown.  We are going to keep two of the
other pigs - Snowball and Pearl.

They are very sweet and wonderful pigs and are extremely friendly (because
we nurtured them when they were small)...

Hallandale, Florida, and would be willing to drive at least half-way to meet
someone interested in adopting a pig!!