new piggie friend????

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new piggie friend????

Post by Chris 'N Natas » Thu, 13 Jul 2000 04:00:00

Well I went into a store yesterday & almost came home with another
piggie. He/she looked so lonely in that big cage all alone, but I didn't
have enough money with me. :(

I've now talked myself into getting Patch another piggie friend. But I
have many questions being a new piggie mom. :)

First off Patch is a young boar & I'd like to get a sow. (When we first
got patch I thought he was a sow) I hear sows are generally more cuddly
& lovable than boars. And then he could have someone to talk to.

I can't keep the sow in the same cage as him, but I also don't want him
fighting with another boar. HELP!!

Do you think a sow or another boar will be best suited???

Thanx for reading my post & I look forward to any help you could give



new piggie friend????

Post by pint » Thu, 13 Jul 2000 04:00:00

Get another boar - preferrably from a shelter.  Sows are just as
likely to fight as boars. It completely depends on the pig.
Chances are 2 boars will get along great if introduced on neutral

With 2 boars - they can truly keep each other company and you
won't have to worry about any unexpected pregnancies.

Boar - definitely.


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