my male pig fights with all my other pigs accept one female

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my male pig fights with all my other pigs accept one female

Post by coli » Fri, 22 Sep 2000 04:00:00

I have only 1 *** male pig and he only likes 1 of my 6 females and keeps
fighting with the other 5 the one who passed away recently was his
girlfriend and he didn't fight the others the only one he likes is her
daughter who look's alot like her one of my females i had him in with had
scabb on her that i just recently noticed
what should i do

thanks luanne


my male pig fights with all my other pigs accept one female

Post by Patricia Simo » Fri, 22 Sep 2000 04:00:00

I was pig-sitting two young boars this past week who, to my horror, got into
a fight while in my care.  The vet said to keep it clean and keep an eye on
it.  Her recommendation was to wash with hydrogen peroxide, diluted 50% with
water, and to bathe the wound often.  (My "loaner pig" was bit on the rump,
so I just soaked his back end twice a day in a sink full of lukewarm water.)
You want to ensure that infection doesn't set in.  If the wounds become
infected, the skin around them will become red and puffy.  If that happens,
the piggie will likely need antibiotics.  Also, make sure the piggie gets
plenty to drink, and extra vitamin C to help with the healing.  For those of
you into homeopathics for your critters, Arnica Montana is a wonderful
healer.  My piggies just get one globule at a time (12X strength because
that's what I keep on hand, though 6X is usually recommended for pets), and
may receive additional doses of this every 2-4 hours for the first 12 hours
after injury (e.g., after a nail clip that was too short), depending on how
severe the wound is.  My vet suggested NOT to put any *human* topical
antibiotic creams on the wound.  As we all know, many antibiotics are toxic
to piggies, and they will*** anything applied to their skin.

The scab will fall off on it's own - don't pick or pull at it!
I hope your little guy is healed up soon,