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Just a question for i

Post by Russell Prate » Sun, 06 Jun 1999 04:00:00

Russell Prater
Jonathan Block
 Just a question for i
Hi Jonathan Block,

 JB> Thank you Ed. Now for 2nd question. :>
 JB> While inspecting the razorhole,
 JB> (Gizmo's Mouth), I compared the size of
 JB> his teeth to the size of Hooeys,
 JB> and Gizmo's teeth are larger then Hooey, who is older. What gives?
 JB> Will Gizmo's baby teeth fall out, or are these his teeth for good?

How old is Giz? They start getting their permanant canines on the 50th
day after birth. They grow in right in front of the milk teeth and then
the milk teeth fall out.

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