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Post by Bryan P. Coffe » Sun, 01 Mar 1998 04:00:00


New sock trap unearthed!

This is operative Albi reporting to all ferrets within range of this
transmission.  We were playing in the Downstairs Bedroom Territories
(DBT) when one by one we were lured into a subtle trap by our human.  We
did not believe that he had the intelligence to outwit any of us, but
Operative Mint believes that he learned this technique from some other
humans on a newsgroup.

There it was.  A sock.  The difference was that one end was held open by
the human.  Of course we had to investigate.  There could have been a
raisin inside.  I went in first.  At the end of the sock, there was
nothing.  When I tried to back out, the end closed and the awful human
began to tickle me.  It was horrible.  It took me seconds to back out of
the sock.  Our human then tricked Mint, Esef and Merri in the same
fashion.  Esef was brave enough to try to reinvestigate, but she was
unable to defeat the security system and got tickled again.

In the future, I recommend removing socks to a non-human area before
investigating.  Under the bed is a great location.

Operative Albi out!

The Ferrets: Albi, Esef, Mint, Merri



Post by k » Tue, 03 Mar 1998 04:00:00

    The reason I read "Horrable sok trap!" is because of the spelling. I
thought someone spells worse than I do! What a cute post. After going
past all those other long threads{I won't say which ones, it's obvious},
this really made me laugh. Keep up those great ferret reports!
           Katusha and her boys
     Moose, Dandy and Basil