Ferret Stories Needed for New Book

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Ferret Stories Needed for New Book

Post by AngAnima » Mon, 16 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Ferret Stories Needed for New Book

Do you have a story to share about the lessons you've learned
from ferrets?  We're looking for stories to publish
in our new book, ANGEL ANIMALS.

* Has a ferret taught you about gratitude, joy, survival, courage,
forgiveness, patience, or unconditional love?

* Have ferrets helped you in dreams?

* Have ferrets intervened when you were suffering or in pain?

* Has a ferret protected you from danger?

* Has a ferret ever shown you how not to handle a situation?

* Have you felt the lingering presence of a beloved ferret companion
who has died?

E-mail us your story.  We know you will be pleased with the quality of the
presentation of your story in our new book.

Thank you.


Ferret Stories Needed for New Book

Post by Brad Hil » Mon, 23 Feb 1998 04:00:00


I have a story. My wife brought home 2 ferrets one day, to add to our
family of 10 ferrets. Otis came from a pet store, his owners no longer
wanted him. He had spent months at the store in a small cage with no
toys, no bed and slept in his litter box. Willy was an abused ferret
that was rescued by a neighbor and then given to us, because the new
owners felt they could not take care of him.

Otis and Willy took a bit of time adapting to their new home, Otis liked
to drag a few of the other ferrets around, acted tough and aggressive,
but eventually calmed down (as much as a ferret can calm down!)

Willy, having come from a prior owner, who after a bad day at work,
would kick him around the house....took a little longer to join the
pack. He would cry and shake in his sleep a lot, he seemed afraid of
everything. Soon, with lots of love and attention, he too joined the

Willy is the ferret this story is about. He became the most playful of
all our ferrets.....We think Willy was about 5 or 6 years old when we
got him, and all his friends were just 2 years old.....Willy played
hard, but when it was time for bed, he would find his favorite place in
the closet, usually up on top of the horses saddle, and fall asleep.

Willys' health improved dramatically from the time we got him...from a
scruffy dull coat, to a bright healthy coat.....but after about a year,
his health started to decline. I noticed one day when I walked by his
cage, He was up on his back legs and shaking the bars with his front
feet, I now know he was telling me his time was near....I was in a
hurry, of course and walked by, but I remember he was looking right at
me....he was telling me something.

It was hard to watch his health decline.....just as it is hard to write
this story.

Finally, we knew his time was near, but I believe he was*** on for
me, I did'nt want him to die and he was*** on for me. My wife
realized that he needed to know it was allright to go, that it was time
for him to move on.......so while he lay in her lap, she had a crystal
pedulum she was holding above him, it was circling him, and she kept
repeating "Willy, we will let you go, it is time to move on, time to let
your energy move on".....and soon, his heaving breaths calmed, and he
stopped breathing.......

Willy is buried next to our dog Rhombus, they have a tree planted over
them, and they are visited often by us.

Despite what some may think, our humanity is enhanced to great heights
by the love we feel for and get from our pets. I am greatful for the
time we had with Willy, he will always have a place in out hearts.