Sneezing and Sneezing and

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Sneezing and Sneezing and

Post by Russell Prate » Sun, 02 Jan 2000 04:00:00

Russell Prater
Sneezing and Sneezing and
Hi James,

 JA> Male, neutered, descented 14 weeks old)
 JA> seems to sneeze way too much when he
 JA> is in his cage.  We haven't changed
 JA> anything that we put in the cage and we

 JA> he's just fine. I am currently using a
 JA> deoderizer on the bottom of their
 JA> cage under the litter.  The deoderizer is
 JA> meant for cat litter but it didn't

It may be nothing other than dust in his nose from the digging you
mentioned, or he could be allergic to something in his cage. Watch what
you use to wash his bedding and don't use a softener. But my gut
feeling is that it's related to the cat deodorizer. Try removing that
and scrubbing any trace of it out. If he had a runny nose or gummy eyes
we would think in terms of a cold or flu, and see a vet but you didn't
mention either of those.

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