Taz update

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Taz update

Post by Ariel W » Thu, 14 May 1998 04:00:00

Taz is at the vet today having her ***work done.  I went armed to the
teeth about a week ago, prepared for ***work on adrenal, and wanting to
make sure it was done right.  We're doing the Tennessee adrenal panel, and
taking a little more in case we need to do any other testing.  I'm sticking
with my vet for a number of reasons:  first, I used him in a severe
emergency with Jasper a year ago, and he was phenomenal.  Second, he's open
and willing to hear my suggestions (and I have a few- grin), and he's on
top of a most issues such as the gas mask for anesthetics, proper
vaccination med, where to draw *** from, etc.  But it's nice to be

This is also my chance to say thanks to the people who have contributed
such great knowledge through their own experiences.  Because of them, I
know about: adrenal *** tests, all-meat baby food, wood pellets for
litter, marine carpeting for the cage, gas masks- not shots- for
anesthetics, 4-hour-max fasting time, prices for adrenal surgery, and much
more.  Thank you.

Jasper, Taz and Baxter
 Ariel W. -- ariel at unforgettable dot com --