Penile Cancer in Ferrets????

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Penile Cancer in Ferrets????

Post by Ferret Lov » Tue, 10 Mar 1998 04:00:00

OK - first off he has an appointment with the my ferret vet  first thing
tommorrow morning (she is off today) - I am a worried Mom though!

On the way out the door to go to my oncologist my husband picked up
Ferris and said to me "Ferris's *** is swollen or something"  I took a
quick look and it did seem to have a mass at the end of it, I did notice
something yestarday while Ferris was lying on his back but I just thought
it was the way he was sitting.  But I had to go to my doc appt, when I
got back I took a better look - I did have a ferret sometime ago that had
trauma to the *** and I had to pop it out and put panalog on it, so I
considered popping it out and looking at it but then the mass appears to
large so I decided not to.  He is about 5 1/2 years old, no hair loss,
good appitite, drinking fine, peeing fine (I made sure of that - litter
box - no litter, good amount & looked normal) his weight is normal and he
is his happy playful normal self!  
the mass is not hard - sort of firm though
and the size of big blueberry

Has anyone had any similar masses on the ***?
Make that your ferrets ***!!
Or any clues???


Penile Cancer in Ferrets????

Post by Nancy J Frazie » Tue, 10 Mar 1998 04:00:00

i don't know if this will apply, but i thought i'd post it for you anyway...

my sven came to me at (estimated) age three.  he was still whole - he had
been a breeder.  boy, did he smell!  he came to me in rut.  oh, the marking!
my nose could not handle it.  i had him neutered shortly thereafter.

the surgery was a success.  sven bounced right back - the very same day!

by the time i took him in for his checkup - i had already noticed - he
appeared to be, um...getting a stiffy every now and again!  i asked the
doctor about this.  i have heard of whole males getting it on with the
carpeting at times...i wondered if he was indeed having an *** or if
something was wrong.

the vet told me part of an *** is learned behavior.  therefore, because
he was, at one time, a virile and active male, he may have psuedo ***s
from time to time.  i did not investigate the matte any further, because my
vet assured me he was physically fine.

well, now sven is turning five.  he still gets "morning wood" mearly every
day.  i dont' know if this has to do with having to go to the bathroom or
not.  i should probably consult a male human for more information, as i have
no personal knowledge!  hehehe

sven will have a thickened ***, what i called morning wood - usually after
he wakes up.  the end of the shaft is indeed bulbous, to a degree.  it goes
away within a few minutes.  i mean to bring it up to the vet at the mext
annual checkup (coming shortly) but, as i mentioned, he has been this way
all along.

i wonder if your fella was whole at one point (past maturity, that is)?  if
so, then perhaps we have discovered a common occurance in older, were whole
for some time, males.  hmmm...

keep me posted with what you find out, if you will.  i'm curious.

egads, what a topic!  hehehe

nanci and the fab five


Penile Cancer in Ferrets????

Post by IsisAnBa » Wed, 11 Mar 1998 04:00:00

>i wonder if your fella was whole at one point (past maturity, that is)?  if
>so, then perhaps we have discovered a common occurance in older, were whole
>for some time, males.  hmmm...

>keep me posted with what you find out, if you will.  i'm curious.

>egads, what a topic!  hehehe

no forgot to mention he is a marshal farms - the mass is only on the tip and on
the left side of the ***, the rest of the *** is normal - he also had a
mast cell tumor removed about 1 1/2 years ago from the knuckle of one of his
fingers, not that I think the 2 things are related but just thought I would
mention it!  
yes it is an odd topic but we can't have the only ferret in the world to have a
mass on his ***, there have to be others hiding in the closet afraid to

Penile Cancer in Ferrets????

Post by Ferret Lov » Sat, 14 Mar 1998 04:00:00

Ferris had his mass removedthe same day he went in to have it checked out
(tuesday).  We are waiting for the results still.  
but the mass was not drainable and she was not able to get anything
through a needle aspiration, so she desided to go in - the mass or nodule
did not involve the prepuce but was between it and extreemly closely
attatched to the *** and had to be scraped off - those are her words.
So here we wait together for both our biopsies, Ferris is running around
like nothing happened happy as can be and was the day he had the surgery,
he could care less about the fact that he has stitches and bruises and
"personal" places!  But he is very happy to get the extra attention!!

Has anyone had anything similar?  or heard of anything similar??  Bill????
Ferris's stressed mommy!