Ferrets need *good* ferret home...

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Ferrets need *good* ferret home...

Post by Laur » Tue, 01 Apr 1997 04:00:00

While in graduate school--when I was at home for all but a few hours a
day--I shared my home with (eventually) five fuzzies.  Now that I'm
working full time and doing contract work at night, I don't have the
time to spend with my pets that I used to.

I'm in Salt Lake City, and would like to find a fellow fuzzy lover who
might adopt some of my fuzzies.  I want to be able to stay in touch
with them/you...be able to "visit," etc....

Two of mine--both female--aren't for sale/adoption.  One is a biter we
rescued and the other was our first.  They are the closest to each
other.  I do have three males that would be much happier in a home
where they could get all their exploring, rambunctious nature out on a
daily basis.  

I'm much more picky about the "who" than the "how much," and I'm not
willing to send them off so far I lose contact with their new human.
If you're in SLC, Utah ( or close ) and have room in your heart and
home for some fuzzies who need more attention than I seem to be able



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