Potty Training Problems

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Potty Training Problems

Post by SMcmul52 » Mon, 05 Jan 1998 04:00:00

I have 2 ferrets.  One is Farrah and she is around 1+ years and Claudia
somewhere about 6 months.  I adopted them from a local Ferret rescue mission.
When I picked them up they were both very sick with the green slime sickness,
disease or whatever it was.  Our local Ferret vet told me that they were too
sick to survice and not to expect them to.  I syringe feed them my own
concoction of Gerber strained chicken, kitten milk replacement, and Feravite
which is a store botten vitamin mixture.  Farah was only 14 ounces when I got
her and she was so near death she couldn't lift her head.  Claudia had terrible
diahreah and didn't want to eat but still had energy.  After a few days of
force feeding them, and several weeks of hand feeding them, they are both fine,
however they are unwilling to litter train.  I have tried everything!  I think
it's because they had diahrea for so long they are just use to having no
control.  They still have loser than normal stools, and it's really been a long
recovery proccess.  Maybe they can't be trained I don't know.  Because it's so
bad I bought them one of those huge 160 dollar cages because they can't run
around the house.  We get them out many times per day and I have spent hours in
the bathroom with them putting them into the litter box whenever they act like
they need to go, but to no avail.  

By the way, Farah who weighed 14 ounces when I got her now ways over 2 pounds!
:)  Both are very active and seem happy, but I really hate leaving them in the
cage so much.

Thanks so much
Suzi McMullen