More Stories Ferret Needed

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More Stories Ferret Needed

Post by Animals1 » Sat, 08 Jun 1996 04:00:00

Spiritual Truths & Lessons Animals Teach Us

     Have you ever learned spiritual truths or lessons from an animal?

     Has an animal taught you about gratitude, joy, survival, courage,
forgiveness, or unconditional love?  Have animals helped you in your
dreams or intervened when you were suffering or in pain?  Has an animal
protected you from danger?  Have you continued to feel the presence of
an animal who has died?

     Do you have a story to tell?  If so, it would be a privilege to hear
it.  I'm writing a book about the spiritual truths and lessons animals
teach us and I'm looking for stories.

     Please write your story in first person with a length varying from 1
to 5 typed pages.  This non-denominational book will include everyday,
miraculous, and extraordinary experiences from individuals in all walks
of life, ages, different cultures and from a variety of religions and
systems.  This is an opportunity for you to share with others your
personal experiences and the awareness or spiritual truth you gained
from them.

     All contributors will be given credits and by-lines in the book.


Spiritual Animal Stories