my new babies are coughin

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my new babies are coughin

Post by Russell Prate » Tue, 15 Aug 2000 04:00:00

Russell Prater
my new babies are coughin
Hi Pen,

 PE> HI Ive just got two new babies and they
 PE> are sneezing and coughing in
 PE> the mornings Im not sure if its the cat
 PE> litter(pelleted sawdust)and the
 PE> combination of being in a cage at night?
 PE> Or if its usual? or if they
 PE> have got somthing?
 PE> PLEASE if anyone might know? thanks, sarah X:)

It could be any number of things from what their bedding was washed in
to a minor allery. Since a new ferret neds to seea vet for a complete
checkup and it's shots, why not just ask your vet about this.

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