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JULY 31, 1996

Contact:  Barbara Bennett

NET LNNX, INC. (NASDAQ BB: NLNX), based in West Palm Beach, Florida,
announced today that it is pioneering a new method of fund raising by
harnessing the power of the Internet to help needy children and benefit
the disadvantaged.

Net Lnnx has agreed to create and provide an interactive site on the
World Wide Web for use by Habilitative Systems, Inc., (HSI), a Chicago
non-profit organization.  The Web site will give HSI the ability to
turbocharge fund raising by placing it in the highest visibility
medium.  The Web site, which would have a sales value of approximately
$1 million, will expand the universe of potential contributors and will
serve as a forum to disseminate information and increase public
awareness of HSI and its programs.

Habilitative Systems, Inc., (HSI) is a 17 year old Chicago based
non-profit, multi-faceted human service organization which offers 54
different social, educational and vocational programs, HSI provides
services to needy infants and children as well as the disabled and

HSI is supported and sponsored by the United Way, the Chase Manhattan
Foundation, Commonwealth Edison, the Walgren's Foundation, United
Charities, the Chicago Tribune, Ameritech, R.R. Donnelley & Sons, and
numerous other corporations and individuals.

"We are pleased to be able to join private entities like the United Way
and government agencies like HUD in supporting such a first rate
non-profit organization.  Our hope is that we can help them increase
visibility and revolutionize fund raising by taking advantage of the
Internet " says Raul Balsera, Vice-President & CFO of the Company.

"To say that we are e***d is an understatement; this is an opportunity
that we have only dared to dream about.  I am most grateful" commented
Donald J. Drew, Executive Director of HSI.

"It is especially rewarding and satisfying to know that we can use our
Internet expertise that makes businesses more profitable, to help
individuals improve their quality of life" said Robert C. Hackney,
President of Net Lnnx.

Visit the Net Lnnx Web site at