Homing Orb Weaver!

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Homing Orb Weaver!

Post by Dave -Turne » Mon, 23 Mar 2009 00:55:08

two nights ago i opened my back door and just as i was about to step outside
i noticed an Orb Weaver dangling down less than a foot away from my face
(this is a different Orb Weaver to the other one in my backyard that i spoke
of in the previous thread, and a little smaller, but the same species -
regular Garden Orb Weaver)

As it was right near the back door (i literally couldnt walk outside without
walking through its web) I had no option but to capture her in a plastic cup
and relocate her - I took her to the corner of the garden, about 20
meters/65 feet away.

... but the next night she was back!  It was at about 1am when i first
noticed her ... by comparison the other Orb Weaver starts building her web
at around 8.30pm.   And because she's nocturnal I'm guessing she took about
4 or so hours to crawl back to this seemingly favorite spot of hers - my
back door.

So _again_ for the second night in a row i capture her and relocate her,
basically releasing her in the same place ...

... and _again_ tonight for the third night she's returned !    ....
territorial little ***! eheh


Homing Orb Weaver!

Post by ~kur » Mon, 23 Mar 2009 05:37:36


> ... and _again_ tonight for the third night she's returned !    ....
> territorial little ***! eheh

Interesting.  I was living in an apartment some years back where one
had built a big web using the upper left and right corners of my front
door frame.  Instead of stretching directly across the upper part of the
door, the web formed an arch that didn't interfere with my use of the door.
I figured if the spider was smart (or lucky) enough to do that, I would leave
it alone.  She remained in that spot for quite some time.  I believe a
maintenance worker eventually noticed it because one day I came home, and
there was no sign of that web anymore.  Another huge web on a railing
perpendicular to the entrance had also been removed.

- Kurt