C. spinicrus in the US?

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C. spinicrus in the US?

Post by NikG » Mon, 08 Feb 1999 04:00:00


     I recently purchased a spider from a petstore.  Its not your average pet
store (there were a couple T.blondi, Pocilotheria, Brachy's, and plenty of
others).  The owner said he wasn't sure what species it was, and that his
wholesaler didn't get these very often.  I think it might be C.spinicrus, but
everyone tells me that those aren't common in the US.  Are there any over here
(the US)?  The spider has a black abdomen, with bushey red hairs.  The
cephelathorax, chelicerae, and first two segements of the legs and pedipalps
have a bright copper sheen.  The cephelathorax also has a black starburst
pattern radiating from the fovea.  The rest of the spider is black, with long
red-brown hairs.  It is close to 7" in legspan, very fast, and extremely
aggressive.  If not C.spinicrus, does anyone know what it might be?