heat for Emperor?

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heat for Emperor?

Post by william » Mon, 01 Nov 1999 03:00:00

When I first got my Emperor Scorpion, well over a year ago, I was advised
it is not necessary to heat the cage in any way as normal room temps are
fine even in Winter. Last Winter (s)he basically spent 4 or so months in
hiding, did not eat, and only emerged occasionally to drink. Only toward
Spring did it start to emerge & feed regularly. Now that Winter is
approaching again, I'm thinking I may need some sort of heating system
after all. I'm wondering whether others heat their Emperor cages, & if so,
by what means?

I am especially concerned this time as there was quite a long period of
inactivity/fasting in mid-Summer. About early Sept, after I had all but
given up hope, (s)he started to come out & eat regularly again. All seems
fine now, but I'm worried that it couldn't weather another long period of
fasting so soon after the last (I never did understand why this happened
over Summer).

Also, my scorp will seldom take the usual pet store crickets. I've been
feeding the large, black wild-caught crickets, med grasshoppers, katydids,
& moths. None of these are readily available in the Winter months, plus I
know many don't advise using wild-caught food because of the risk of
pesticides, etc. I considered trying those huge mealworms called
"superworms," but my pet store assures me a scorp wouldn't be interested.
Are there any other solutions?

Thanks for any advice.




heat for Emperor?

Post by rtyhasrhs asfhasfhsfa » Mon, 01 Nov 1999 03:00:00

yes heat the tank I have used a red or green light bulb to heat the animals
try feeding any meat I have kept large groups of theses animals and have
feed them small dead mice you will be shocked at what they will eat any way
once you get some heat in the viv she will probably start eating just fine

heat for Emperor?

Post by Leslie Fo » Mon, 01 Nov 1999 03:00:00

As for food large imperials like large blaberus type***roaches,temperature
keep them above 70F20cC at all times but not too hot as in the wild they go
down termite mound in the dry season where it is a lot cooler,main problem
is dehydration.



heat for Emperor?

Post by J Stron » Tue, 02 Nov 1999 04:00:00

I've Never Tried "Superworms", But I Have Successfully Fed Both Of My
Emperors Large Mealworms On Several Occasions.  And Although There Is A
Threat Of Pesticides With Wild-Caught Insects, Wild Crickets Tend To Have A
Better Dietary Supplements And More Nutritious...

heat for Emperor?

Post by Psionic Imperato » Thu, 04 Nov 1999 04:00:00

~Pandinus Imperator is an Asian forest species. Thus, you want a warm, humid
environment. I have had a fair amount of success using a regular heating pad
(people-kind) under the container to diffuse the majority of the heat. You
want it warm, but not scorching. As for the food issue, how often are you
feeding your Scorpion? If you are feeding Her more often than once every 2
weeks, then that will partially explain the reluctance to eat storebought
crickets. Pull back the feeding regimen and the willingness to feed will
return. Your petstore is only partially correct in regards to the
'Superworms'. If you manually feed the Scorpion the worms, they'll usually
take them just fine. If you just put the worms in the container, odds are
your Scorpion will just ignore them. Don't worry too much, though.. Pandinus
Imperator is fairly hardy.~

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