Taz & Dozier

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Taz & Dozier

Post by DRAGO » Fri, 16 Apr 1999 04:00:00

Hey, Just wanted to say that my two new T's are settling into their homes
great, the Rose Hair (Dozier) is still eating up a storm, I have feed it
crickets, and moths and it will eat them right up, sometimes it will silk
the crickets over till it catches them all then it will eat them..
The Pink Toe (TAZ), has not escaped no more, I now have it in a 5 gal
aqaurium with a screen lid, and today I noticed it had one of the crickets
munching on it..

And my Starburst Baboon, is still not eating, been almost 2 weeks, but her
abdomen looks healthy, and she has built a nice silk webbing in the corner
of her home, and stays there, regulerly, but I have noticed her legs look
like they are starting to get black, like they are hardening, could she be
getting ready to molt?

well, thanks for reading, I love my tarantula's, and they make a really
great conversation piece, when people come over..




Taz & Dozier

Post by Jarod Starri » Sun, 18 Apr 1999 04:00:00

Taz shoul be in a tank about half that size and taller.  Your Usumbara
is about ready to molt.  many books tell you about these things not t be
rude or anything.