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help wanted:

Post by rlingra » Thu, 14 Mar 2002 14:51:22

Wanted: outside sales rep
I need a people that can work part time or full time on commission only.
Knowledgeable of reptiles and other ***s.
Your only investment will be your time. I am not asking you to purchase

Expected: generate sales to local stores and dealers for my live and dry

I will send you an updated list daily that includes expected arrival dates
on upcoming shipments, and current inventory.

Sell them at my prices and take a 10% commission.

If accepted you will be given a rep number so your customers can be tracked,
and you get credited properly.

All new accounts generated buy you will entitle you to your commission as
long as you actively participate in this program.

An average store spends around $500.00 a week at 10% on every sale that adds
up fast.
Generate 4 accounts and you have a $200.00 a week potential 8 accounts
$400.00 and so on you're only limited by the effort you apply.

If interested check out my web-site  (remember the prices listed are retail
prices not what your expected to sell them at) view the lists and if you
think you can sell. Contact me via E-MAIL or phone.

Randy Ingram***