African Grey Parrots-how to start?

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African Grey Parrots-how to start?

Post by E DOUGHERT » Thu, 27 Oct 1994 13:21:09

Hi,  I purchased a 3 month old (that' s approximately when baby greys are
weaned) African Grey Male 2 years ago for $850 from a small  breeder who
lives near ( within 60 miles) of my home.   This dealer advertises in
Bird Talk magazine as do many other good breeders.  I had seen young
African Grey Parrots in pet shops for 1500 dollars or more, so it is a
good idea to search out a breeder.  This breeder had 6 babies from
different parents who were all the same age.  I was able to play with all
the babies in their living room until I chose the one I liked best ( or,
as people find out, one baby chose me).  Anyway, I was able to learn many
things from the breeder such as  what the bird was eating now and what to
feed it later,   how much sleep the baby needed,  what its normal
behavior would be, etc.   These are things pet shop employees don't
always know or only guess at.  

My bird is now two years old.  He doesn't scream, he doesn't even imitate
the very annoying screams of my amazon.  What he does do is talk, mostly
to himself, alot.  He did not start talking until he was one year old but
has acquired an extensive vocabulary since then.  He only gets about one
half to one hour of attention from people per day but his attention comes
at regularly scheduled times so he knows when to expect it.  The rest of
the time he is happy to play with his toys in his large cage while
listening to Disney tapes on the tape player.
He does not like new people or new objects but calms down quickly if
talked to.
He has never bitten me ( but he does like to bite my husband's head if it
comes too close to his  perch )

Anyway, he's a great bird.