Exterminator/actions recommended - carpenter ants

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Exterminator/actions recommended - carpenter ants

Post by Gar » Tue, 02 Jun 1992 16:52:49

I live in the Santa Cruz mountains and have recently been
invaded by large amounts of very large ants (1/4-3/4 inch).
After hitting them with RAID, which does a great job of killing them,
I still find a significant number of them distributed around the house.
I've tried to locate where, within the perimeter of the house that they
may be based, but to no avail.  I've already created a dead-zone around
the outside of the house.

What I'm looking for is an exterminator that actually cares about
what they spray (many don't really know or care), and one that knows
about doing it around pets.  Especially birds.

The ants must go. Period.  However, not at the cost of my health or the
health of my pets.

Thanks in advance,