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E.C.N. Correction]

Post by Mark Ferras » Sun, 17 Oct 1993 19:31:06

Correction Post!

   To all of you that had an interest about Animal House On
E.C.N. I gave the wrong number. The write number is 310-204-6007
If you dial that vea modem  and log in go to the rates section
and look up your  local calling area. You will  see phone
numbers for your local area, or you can write me vea Internet
E-mail and I will be glad to get you a local number that you can
call in on from were you are at.

  Again  Animal House on E.C.N is dedicated to all you animal
lovers out there and we are looking to do some great things  to
bring all of us animal lovers together.

  Here is just a few of the things we will have Real-time
seminars with pet professional's from fish people to cat people
and everything in the middle. We will have an avents calendar
for every area such as Dog and cat shows upcoming Club events
etc.  The possibilities are endless.

  Of coarse for all you internet advocates we are going to still
be using the internet it is to large and holds to many of you
folks out there and must be cherished as a very valuable tool to
bring us all together.

  Think of the power and the knowledge that lays out there with
all of us. Example a guy that may be sitting in his garage
breeding angel fish. This guy may have been there for over
twenty years and only his local pet shops know of him. And now
he can reach out and touch someone with all his knowledge and
expertise, plus more importantly he can market himself and maybe
really get out there with the hobby he loves and cares about.

  So if you are a pet professional, and or a heavy hobbyist that
thinks he would like to help allot of less educated folks out
there, Please, Please E-mail me your responses and or input.

Your dedicated Pet professional... Mark Ferrasci

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