Info. request: noble macaws

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Info. request: noble macaws

Post by D » Fri, 11 Aug 1995 04:00:00


^(_)^   spector had a little bird, a 'tiel hen named Merlot,
_||__   and everywhere that spector went, the hen was sure to go!


Info. request: noble macaws

Post by D » Sat, 12 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Let's try that again...

Well, it has happened...the birdie cupid swooped down and did its thing
on me.  I met a baby noble macaw on Saturday (was told it was a severe
macaw, but learned of my mistake later), and I fell completely,
hopelessly, in love with the tyke.  However, not wanting to buy a bird
without knowing anything about it, (See, I *have* learned something
here!) I thought I'd wait and read up a bit on it, then return next
Saturday and let fate decide whether I bought the bird.  (I.e, if it was
there, I'd buy it.)  My resolve lasted until Wednesday, when I raced back
to the store, only to find the bird was gone.  :(

But now that I am operating from my head, rather than my heart, I'm
interested in what kind of birds noble macaws are.  I had the chance to
play with this bird, and with a four-and-one-half-month-old B&G named
Alex, and both acted like puppies, rolling over on their backs, biting,
etc.  (If I had that kind of money, I'd have probably bought Alex! :D)

I have received permission from my bird-sitter to get a macaw <g>, and I
really like the idea of getting the noble macaw, since it is the first
one that has been able to turn my head from the 'tiels (just kidding)!  
But I can't find much written about them.  One book says they are just
like the larger macaws, but in a smaller package.  Is this true?  Can I
apply the information I read about Scarlets, GW's, and B&G's to their
miniature cousins?

Any advice/suggestions from noble macaw owners/afficianados (sp?) would
be greatly appreciated.  The store expects another baby in about five
months, and if it's anything like the first little one I met, I'm
probably not going to be able to restrain myself.  Especially now that my
bird-sitter got the chance to watch one of the store clerks play with a
one-year-old Scarlet.  Now he keeps saying how neat it would be for me to
have a bird he could wrestle with!  (I think the fact that he later
walked up to the bird and said "hello" and the bird responded in kind
helped matters out a great deal!  WAY TO GO, BIRD!! :D  )


^(_)^   spector had a little bird, a 'tiel hen named Merlot,
_||__   and everywhere that spector went, the hen was sure to go!


Info. request: noble macaws

Post by Yang Zhong Zha » Sat, 12 Aug 1995 04:00:00

 Hi, WiZ here again with Domino, a 10 week old CAG. Problem is, he's starting
to eat his pellets. He's beginning a significant dislike of handfeeding formula
. However, he eagerly seeks out the food dish for the pellets and begins
munching. But since he can't yet crush the largest of pellets, he just throws
them away and eats the smaller sized ones. Is this abnormal? I've been told thatGreys dislike pellets, but Domino seems them as a treat. Should I attempt to
begin feeding him more fruit or veggies to try adn supplement for the loss
of food due to his dislike of formula. BTW, I'm using KayTee Exact Handfeeding
formula and the KayTee Exact Rainbow pellets.(He loves those Cheerios shapes)