EXOTIC-L : An Email List for Exotic Birds

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EXOTIC-L : An Email List for Exotic Birds

Post by Kathryn A. Smit » Tue, 24 Jan 1995 23:56:48

      ***-L - A Discussion List for *** Pet Bird Owners

***-L is a discussion list for and about all kinds, types and
varieties of *** pet birds.  This list was created for the express
purpose of discussing anything from the care and feeding of your beloved
pet bird to the scientific research concerning any aspect of wild or
domestic *** bird populations.  If you wish to discuss training,
human-avian experiences, seek a bit of comfort over the loss of a
cherished bird, or find the best way to handle any aspect of bird
ownership, you can be expected to be welcome to ***-L.

I hope that the subscribers to ***-L will develop a sense of
"community" and "belonging" among themselves.  If you are seeking a
"just-the-facts" list, this may not be exactly the place for you.  If,
however, you are seeking an environment where participants regularly
share each others avian joys and sorrows, you have come to the right

Reasonable discussion of conservation and environmental issues, as they
specifically relate to avian populations, are also welcome here and the
same holds true for almost any aspect of avian veterinary care and

In short, pretty much anything that may reasonably be seen to have a
relationship to *** birds and/or human-*** bird interactions may be

the message :

SUBSCRIBE ***-L your-first-name your-last-name

CAREFULLY!!!  The gist of the letter says to reply to the email with just
the word "ok" (without the quotes) in the body of your reply.  Please
contact me at the below address if you have any problems.  I can add you
to the list without going through the confirmation step.  All I need is
your email address and your first and last name.

Kathryn A. Smith

Blacksburg, VA
***-L list owner


EXOTIC-L : An Email List for Exotic Birds

Post by the E » Wed, 25 Jan 1995 00:35:42


Can your E-mail list be gated to rec.pets.birds so we don't
have to receive every message as E-mail ? Those who have
news access greatly benefit from the selective nature of the



EXOTIC-L : An Email List for Exotic Birds

Post by Kathryn A. smit » Wed, 25 Jan 1995 04:46:10

Hi Jim,

I remember when you asked that same question when I first proposed the
***-L list.  I did poll my list to see if they would be interested in
having a gateway between r.p.b. and ***-L.  I received quite a few
very strenuous objections to have the gateway set up.  I personally would
not object to having the gateway.  I do not have to pay for my
minute-by-minute internet time nor per number of individual emails
received, unlike some people.  And thus the gateway was not set up.

Kathryn A. Smith

***-L list owner