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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Portable Brooders<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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STCI offers a full range of precision electronic portable brooders for
the discerning aviculturist.  Whether your visiting a friend for a few
hours or taking a trip, STCI "IQ" Brooders provide your babies with a
warm controlled environment.  "IQ" Brooders work equally well on the
road or in the home.

STCI Portable brooders are the most reliable and feature rich portable
brooders available today:

Electronic proportional technology provides optimum  temperature
control.  This electronic logic is the same type found in today's most
advanced computers.  Varying amounts of exact heat is generated by the
heating element only when it is needed.  This provides very precise
management over temperature fluctuation .

STCI blends the best of traditional craftsmanship with modern
technology to produce the "IQ" Brooder.  Computer technology is used
extensively  to design, test, and quality control each brooder while
skilled craftmanship is employed to hand assemble each unit.

The heating element is a hard surface precision electronic device.
Ceramic heating elements, typically found in other portable brooders,
are avoided because ceramic is an ideal substrate to grow and culture

"IQ" Brooders and brooder control systems are designed, from the
ground up, for *** avian babies.  Our computer age systems are
developed specifically for aviculture.  

STCI Avian Technology is a superior approach in many ways.  
At the top of the list is energy efficiency, a low CFM fan, and a
compact heater and control unit.  Better energy efficiency provides a
longer run time on a car battery.  Low fan CFM reduces the drying out
effect on babies.  A small heat and control unit leaves more room for

Advanced Features:
We offer a wide range of advanced features and brooder sizes
Large surface area odor removing activated charcoal air filter.
100% electronic heater switching control (no relays to break)
Precision user friendly temperature adjustment control.
Electronic fan.
Engineered positive flow through air vents.
Visual system operating indicators.
Computerized design and quality control testing.
Low weight to usable space ratio.
Industrys largest  usable space to outside dimension ratio.
Extensive use of  non-corrosive parts in critical areas.
Extensive use of advanced plastics and plastic composites.
Advanced heat transfer accelerator modules.
Multiple sizes available from a large pocket book size to 2964 cubic
  inch size.  Custom sizes quoted upon request.    
Digital display electronic, inside/outside of brooder thermometer.
Over and under temperature alarms.
Multiple viewing port options.
Fully illustrated comprehensive Users Guide documentation.
Based on requirements from experienced aviculturists.
Designed by experienced electronic and computer engineers.

Designed, developed, and manufactured, with pride, in the USA.

STC is a family of companies engaged in the research and development
of advanced technology  to better enable the breeding and conservation
of avain species.

Additional information available via  mail or email  upon request.