FIGHT HR 5013 !

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FIGHT HR 5013 !

Post by Mark Mill » Sun, 07 Jun 1992 14:14:36

    Sample postcard (your own words would be even better!):

               Dear Sir/Madam:
               I am writing to ask you not to support H.R. 5013,  the
               "Wild  Bird Conservation Act of 1992." It is a  poorly
               written bill which would not achieve its stated objec
               tive. It does not adequately support captive  breeding
               as  a substitute for the imported birds it would  ban.
               In  fact,  this bill, as written, would  doom  captive
               breeding  in its infancy. Without the availability  of
               captive  bred  animals, smuggling  would  be  rampant,
               defeating  the purpose of the bill.  The  language  of
               the  bill  also seems to extend its effects  to  other
               types  of  animals. This would  be  unacceptable.  Its
               conclusions and provisions are not applicable to other
               types of animals.  Furthermore it makes no mention  of
               how the Act would be enforced or how one would tell  a
               legal animal from an illegal one.

               City, State, Zip:______________________________

    Your  local librarian can provide you with your representative's name  and

    address.  Many  post offices also have listings if you need to  find  your


    Don't complain about the laws AFTER they are created; Do something now  to

    prevent this from happening!

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