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Post by Terry Ru » Sun, 22 Dec 1991 02:54:19

 > Here's the problem: the wings seem to be growing in very slowly.  It
 > seems
 > that one wing is growing in, but doesn't look right.  The wing on
 > the other
 > side appears to have broken off (is this possible?).  So now, the
 > poor
 > guy looks a bit lopsided and still can't fly.
 > My question is: has anyone ever had any experience like this?  This
 > is

His wings will grow in as he molts. Not all the flight feathers are replaced on
a regular schedule. Before you know it, he'll be able to fly. I would still
recommend keeping his wings clipped, however. It's easier to keep them tame,
not to mention safer for the bird, if his wings stay clipped. If you have lots
of mirrors or windows in his area, he could very well fly into one of them and
hurt himself badly. If you have people and/or kids going in and out of the
house, he will most certainly aim for an open door!

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