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Post by Nathan Schulma » Fri, 13 Jul 2007 22:58:11

Parrot Toy Angels <> is a non-profit
organization dedicated to helping birds in need.  If you've never heard
of us, won't you take a minute and look at our website?
Our motto is "Making a difference, one bird at a time" and we have!
Since our inception on 8/6/05 we've been able to provide over 4400 toys
to 40+ different organizations and individuals!  Of course, at no charge
to them.  We've only been able to accomplish this because of YOU, our
supporters!  And I'd like to thank you all publicly for your support.
(And the group owners that so kindly grant me permission to post!)
We're currently having a silent auction.  It started 7/5/07 and runs
thru August 5.  We've got goodies for the feathers and goodies for the
parrots.  Won't you take a minute and have a look?  I'll just bet
there's something up for bid you just can't live without!   ;-) And
remember, 100% of your purchase goes towards helping even more birds!!


Making a difference, one bird at a time!
Visit our private auction