Need Help: Tiel hates toys!

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Need Help: Tiel hates toys!

Post by Jeff & Cynd » Fri, 14 Nov 1997 04:00:00

> He either screams and fights with
> the toy until we feel obligated to take it out of his cage or he
> gives it the cold shoulder - ignoring his toys for weeks at length.

You might try placing the new toy where he can see it, but not in or
around his cage.  After a week, move it closer, maybe attaching it to
the OUTSIDE of his cage.  After another week (if he shows any interest)
try placing it inside his cage.

As for a quick and easy toy most birds love, try this:
Get some cotton string (not thread, too thin).  Holding your hand so
that it is flat, wind the string around your hand about 20 times.  Slide
the string off your hand, and tie a knot around the whole thing about
1/2" from one end.  Tie this tight or use several loops so it won't come
loose.  Then, take some scissors and cut open the opposite end so the
sting now hands free.  Trim this to a short length (so the tiel can get
caught in it and *** himself), about 1 & 1/2" long.  You should now
have something that looks like a bed tassle.  Find a safe way to hang it
in the cage, and I'll bet the bird is preening it like crazy within a
couple of days.  After a month or so (or if it gets real dirty), throw
it out and make a new one.  My tiel and budgies loved it, they attacked
it like crazy and would spend hours preening the string.