Help with lovebirds

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Help with lovebirds

Post by John Mill » Sat, 04 Sep 1993 01:05:41

My daughter has two lovebirds(Jasmin and Aladdin).  We
have had the birds about three months and had some
questions.  We believe they are just over a year old.

They have been actively tearing up the paper on the
bottom of the cage(nesting I assume) and attempting
to mate.  We have no desire to have more birds and
I would like to know if there is a problem letting
them go through this ritual.  The other night they
got into a pretty big fight and there was *** all
over the cage.  The only thing we found was that Aladdin
had a small gash on his foot and Jasmin had a small
gash on her leg.  Does this have to do with the mating?

The other question I have is about training.  My
daughter has a strong desire to train them, but I
have read that after a year that it was pretty much
useless.  I have been impressed with what she has done.
She can get them to go onto their swing and then
bring them out of the cage on the swing. They will
go back on the swing when ever she wants them to.
But if you stick you finger near them they will
bite you. She can also has fed them sunflower seeds
through the cage.  Is there any more we can do or
are they too far gone?

Any ideas or comments would be appreciated.

John Miller