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Post by ellen.kess.. » Mon, 26 Dec 1994 05:07:55

 > I have a 13 month old blue and gold macaw. He has a twist in his
 > beak which
 > we file down very gradually on the advice of local vet.
 > He also has a problem with his nails curling up.

some beak problems are genetic; some are injuries while in the nest. In either
event, regular filing is probably the only answer. Same with the nails,
although a concrete perch is highly touted by some as the answer. Personally I
just haven't "fallen" for them as they remind me too much of sandpaper perches.

Giving your macaw lots of things he has to work with may help keep the beak
filed somewhat. but you'll always have to be there to do the filing.

I had a lovebird with a crooked beak. I think it was a nest injury. He was a
sweetheart, and was a great dad. Unfortunately, there must have been more wrong
with him than just the beak as he died prematurely at the age of two...

Ellen, Denver