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rec.pets.birds FAQ (travel.txt) - travel.txt [1/1]

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            (F)requently (A)sked (Q)uestions Regarding
                   Traveling for Rec.Pets.Birds

This FAQ, as a collection of information, was copyrighted 1993, by Jodi L.
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                          TRAVELING WITH YOUR BIRD

Q. Can I travel with my bird?
A. If your bird is not stressed by new places and situations, yes. Make
sure to call ahead to confirm that hotels will take birds. Also talk to
your vet if you'll be crossing state lines, you may need a certificate of
health and perhaps other papers.

Q. What's the best way to transport my bird?
A. In a sturdy container. It's a terrible idea to let the bird ride on your
shoulder or be loose in the car. Should the bird spook, it could endanger

Q. What about carsickness? Do birds get it?
A. Yes, with the same symptoms as people. They get sick and vomit, act
listless and may lose their appetite. Not feeding the bird and covering the
cage will help ease this. The sickness may even be due to nerves. Once
again, your vet can help you.

Q. Should I acclimate my bird to traveling in the car?
A. If the bird seems apprehensive about it, yes. Do this gradually, perhaps
beginning with the carrier. Let the bird have enough time to get used to
it. Leave it open in the play area and let the bird poke around in it. Take
the bird out to the car. Sit in it for a while. Don't run the car, just sit
in there, and praise the bird. Work up to where the bird feels comfortable.
Then try running the car. Work up to comfort again. Then try short drives.
Then longer. And then pretty soon the bird will be able to drive the car by

Q. What should I bring when traveling?
A. A first aid kit (just in case) food, treats, bottled water or water from
home, strange water may cause health problems. A few favorite toys, and of
course, your bird!

Q. What if my bird can't deal with traveling?
A. You can have a family member or a friend come in and feed and socialize
with your bird or you can hire a pet-sitter. You can also board your bird
with someone, but doing so at a pet-shop may prove too stressful for the
bird, and it could catch something from other birds at the shop. Boarders
and pet-sitters are listed in the yellow-pages. Get references and make
sure that the person or company is bonded. Try to get the pet-sitter to
come over and meet your bird and show the sitter how to prepare the bird's
meals. Give the sitter a chance to play with the bird, if possible. Leave a
sheet with written instructions and the number of your vet and where you
can be contacted if any problems occur.

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